The Best in Mobile: The Reviewed Awards at MWC 2024



Standing out in the fast-paced world of mobile technology is no mean feat; it demands ingenuity, refinement, and a keen sense of consumer needs.

At the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2024, the crème de la crème of the mobile industry descended upon Barcelona, showcasing state-of-the-art devices destined to define our digital experiences in the coming year.

In a glorious celebration of innovation, Reviewed leveraged their seasoned expertise—backed by a senior editor with 15 years of hands-on experience in mobile devices and travel gear—to curate a list of truly exemplary products.

Join us as we unveil the recipients of the prestigious Reviewed Awards at MWC 2024, where excellence is not just recognized, but celebrated in the realm of mobile prowess. 

TCL 50XL NxtPaper 5G SmartPhone

The front and back of a TCL smartphone on a white background.Credit: TCL

The Best in Mobile

TCL has developed NxtPaper technology, which melds the advantages of OLED displays with elements that minimize glare and blue light, thus helping to alleviate discomfort in the eyes.

The TCL 50 XL NxtPaper 5G resembles other higher-end Android smartphones launched this year.

It features a 6.78-inch screen, stereo speakers, an 8-megapixel front-facing camera inside a punch-hole cutout, and a rear camera setup that includes an impressive 50MP primary sensor.

However, the standout feature that distinguishes this remarkable phone is TCL’s unique NxtPaper display technology.

The display boasts a sharp and smooth viewing experience with a 120Hz refresh rate. It’s powered by a MediaTek 23E+ processor and 6GB of RAM, ensuring smooth performance.

Additionally, the screen is designed to be gentle on the eyes, cutting down on blue light emissions by over 60% and incorporating CPL technology, which mimics the effect of light reflecting off a piece of paper, making it akin to reading in a sunlit room.

OnePlus Watch 2

The Reviewed Awards

The robust and adaptable OnePlus Watch 2 is equipped with a multitude of functionalities.

OnePlus’ initial attempt at a smartwatch in 2021 did not garner positive reactions.

However, the company is recognized for its willingness to take customer and critic feedback seriously. With the new, fashionable OnePlus Watch 2, they might just have a successful product this time.

Over the past few weeks, we have dedicated our time to conducting tests.

Sporting an elegant, vintage-inspired appearance akin to a traditional mechanical wristwatch, coupled with a vast selection of customizable digital interfaces, the Watch 2 is designed to suit a wide array of fashion preferences.

The distinctive feature of the Watch 2 is its incorporation of two chipsets.

It operates with a powerful Snapdragon W5 for demanding activities like running Wear OS apps, gaming, or utilizing GPS navigation.

In contrast, a BES 2700 chipset, which is designed for minimal power consumption, manages routine tasks like timekeeping and handling phone calls.

By deactivating the more robust Snapdragon component, the watch can achieve an impressive battery life of up to 100 hours on a single charge, a level of endurance few other smartwatches can rival.

The Watch 2 will be available for sale starting March 4th, with preorders currently open.

Nubia Pad 3D II

The Reviewed Awards

The Nubia Pad 3D II facilitates the viewing of 3D videos without requiring the use of specific eyewear.

Typically, immersion in 3D experiences necessitates donning bulky and often unfashionable eyewear to create the illusion of depth.

However, this isn’t necessary with the Nubia Pad 3D II. It’s a 12.1-inch tablet that operates on Android and features a screen capable of delivering 3D visuals and video without the need for any silly spectacles.

Equipped with integrated 5G LTE capabilities, the Pad 3D II allows you to stream your preferred media anywhere you go.

This tablet effortlessly handles 3D content; it has the ability to transform regular 2D images, videos, or streaming service programs into stunning 3D visuals in real-time, utilizing Nubia’s advanced eye-tracking software and the powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor.

Much like other tablets, the Nubia Pad 3D II is equipped with cameras on both the front and back sides. And as you might expect, these cameras have the ability to take pictures and record videos in 3D.

Lenovo T14 Gen 5 Laptop

The Reviewed Awards

The Lenovo T14 laptop was designed collaboratively with iFixit to facilitate simple repairs through the use of do-it-yourself components.

As laptops become more compact, their repairability decreases. Often, when an ultra-thin laptop breaks, there isn’t much that can be repaired.

To create these slim designs, parts that could previously be exchanged are now shrunken and permanently attached to the main circuit board.

However, this is not true for Lenovo’s fifth-generation T14 laptop.

Working together with iFixit, Lenovo crafted this laptop to be disassembled with just a small selection of tools from iFixit’s collection of do-it-yourself equipment.

The keyboard of the T14 model can be detached from the rest of the computer by simply unscrewing two screws.

The memory and power cell are nearly as straightforward to take out, with the added convenience of having the necessary screws clearly indicated for the disassembly process.

It’s built to handle daily tasks efficiently, and is outfitted with features that include up to 2 terabytes of storage space, an optional 5G network feature, and a 14-inch OLED screen boasting a 2.8K resolution and a rapid 120Hz refresh rate.

Samsung Galaxy Ring

MWC 2024

The Galaxy Ring is a trackable device that can be worn and operates seamlessly within the Samsung network of devices.

Samsung is maintaining secrecy regarding numerous aspects of their Galaxy Ring, with its name only recently revealed to us, but what we discovered about the gadget at MWC 2024 has us quite enthused.

Scheduled for release later this year, the upcoming Galaxy Ring will be available in a variety of sizes and three distinct shades: gold, silver, and black ceramic.

Specific details about the sensors incorporated into this piece of smart jewelry have not been disclosed.

Nevertheless, it has been verified that it will have the ability to monitor physical activity, resting pulse rate, heart rate fluctuations, and sleep quality.

These features are not groundbreaking as they are already present in most modern smartwatches.

The unique selling point of the Galaxy Ring is its integration with Samsung’s ecosystem, designed to synergize with the Galaxy Watch, Galaxy smartphones, and potentially, in-home environmental sensors.

For individuals looking to consistently and discreetly monitor their health statistics, the Galaxy Ring might be the perfect device. We are eager to try it out.

Xiaomi 14 Ultra

The Best in Mobile

The Xiaomi 14 Ultra features an exceptional camera system designed by Leica.

In the metaphorical wilderness of mobile photography, the Xiaomi 14 Ultra stands at the top of the food chain.

It boasts a colossal one-inch Sony LYT-900 sensor which is unprecedented in the smartphone arena, enabling the capture of enormous quantities of light – a critical factor for enhancing the richness and detail in your photographs.

Furthermore, it features an adjustable aperture with an extensive range of over 1,000 settings, from f/1.63 to f/4.0, ensuring that your shots are impressive under various lighting scenarios.

Additionally, its optics are designed by the renowned camera brand Leica, making it the ultimate device for anyone passionate about smartphone photography.

The smartphone comes in three colors and offers a trio of configurations: one with 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage, another with 16GB of RAM and 512GB of storage, and the third option providing 16GB of RAM paired with 1TB of storage.

Furthermore, you can choose between two editions of the 14 Ultra—the standard model or the Professional Imaging Kit, which bundles the 14 Ultra with an additional handgrip featuring a camera shutter button, enhancing its already powerful photographic capabilities.

Regardless of the model you select, it will feature a 6.73-inch 2K AMOLED screen, a 5300mAh battery, bi-directional satellite communication capabilities, and an IP68 rating for dust and water resistance.

Vivo X100 Pro

MWC 2024

The Vivo X100 boasts an astounding camera zoom feature that can magnify up to 100 times.

The Vivo X100 Pro is named for its remarkable ability to zoom in 100 times, a feat achieved with the help of a MediaTek Dimensity 9300 processor, supplemented by a massive 16GB of RAM—plus an additional 16GB if needed.

Despite the advanced technology enabling this zoom, it remains an impressive feature. The X100 Pro doesn’t just excel in zooming; it’s also equipped for more routine photography tasks.

Boasting 50MP primary, ultra-wide, and telephoto lenses crafted by Zeiss, it’s a challenge to take anything but excellent photographs in any lighting.

Additionally, the device’s capacity to record 4k cinematic videos with rich, blurred backgrounds is a delightful bonus.

When you’re not engrossed in recording life’s significant events, the X100 Pro serves as a powerful Android gadget, delivering the top-tier performance you would anticipate from leading smartphones like those produced by Samsung, Google, or OnePlus.

Asus Chromebook Detachable CM30 (CM3001)

The CM30 provides an excellent equilibrium among cost, efficiency, and robustness.

One of the advantages of the majority of devices that operate on Chrome OS is their affordability. However, this often results in a trade-off where the construction of these devices is not top-of-the-line, because makers aim to minimize the expenses associated with the device.

The Asus Chromebook Detachable CM30 offers a commendable mix of cost-effectiveness, robustness, and functionality.

It comes with the newest version of Chrome OS and boasts a design reminiscent of the Microsoft Surface Pro’s detachable form factor.

MWC 2024

When the keyboard and trackpad are connected, the CM30 provides a dependable experience for getting work done. Simply adjust its built-in stand to your preferred viewing angle to begin your tasks.

Remove the keyboard cover, and you’re left with a high-quality 10.5-inch tablet running Chrome OS, which is available with either 4GB or 8GB of RAM, and 64GB or 128GB of internal storage.

The addition of a tuck-away stylus makes this device an excellent option for both professional and educational settings, suitable for a variety of activities.

Acer TravelMate P4

The TravelMate P4 not only offers encouraging specifications for performance, but it also comes with built-in Simo’s 4G LTE.

Rarely do we get the chance to acknowledge a product’s excellence partly due to it incorporating another product that has been recognized for its own merit, yet that’s the case today.

Set for release in the summer of 2024 is the Acer Travelmate P4, and if you often travel or work on the go, this is a device you’ll want to keep an eye on.

This laptop is a Windows 11 Pro model featuring 16GB of DDR5 SDRAM, a 512GB SSD, AMD Radeon graphics (options for Intel are available as well), and comes with the choice of a 14-inch or 16-inch 16:10 screen. All of these are impressive specs indeed.

However, what sets this laptop apart for us is its built-in Simo 4G LTE capability.

Buyers of the TravelMate P4 will receive 30 minutes of complimentary 4G LTE service daily for an entire year, accessible anywhere around the globe.

Furthermore, the Simo team informed us that any additional high-speed data will cost just one dollar per hour. Owning this laptop means you’ll have no reason not to stay connected.

RedMagic 9 Pro IN MWC 2024

MWC 2024

If you find yourself playing games on your phone just as often as you make calls, the RedMagic 9 Pro could be the ideal choice for your needs.

Most smartphones support gaming, yet for those who are passionate about mobile gaming, it’s advisable to opt for a specialized gaming phone.

Red Magic, a gaming division under the Chinese tech giant ZTE, offers the RedMagic 9 Pro.

This smartphone packs a potent punch, tailored specifically for gaming enthusiasts, and comes at an unexpectedly affordable cost.

Powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 mobile platform, this Android device is equipped with the necessary capabilities to handle today’s most intensive mobile games.

Diablo Immortal and  Genshin Impact  Maintaining a firm hold on your mobile device is crucial during intense gaming sessions, especially when facing tough bosses.

That’s why the Pro 9 has been crafted with a smooth, flat rear surface, devoid of any protruding camera modules. Despite this sleek design, the smartphone is still equipped to capture high-quality photos with its dual 50MP camera setup.

Acknowledging that demanding games can deplete a lot of a device’s processing resources, the RedMagic 9 Pro is fitted with a hefty 6500mAh battery and an advanced cooling mechanism to keep it running smoothly.

This model is offered in a trio of color choices and comes in two different variants: one with 12GB RAM and 256GB of internal storage, and another with a larger 16GB RAM and 512GB of internal storage.

Honor Magic V2 RSR IN MWC 2024

The Honor Magic V2 RSR stands out not just because of its remarkable specifications, but also because its appearance is influenced by Porsche Design.

The design of smartphones is often unremarkable, with many models easily mistaken for one another. This is not a problem you’ll encounter with the Honor Magic V2 RSR.

Its distinctive look crafted by Porsche ensures it stands out from the crowd.

As a foldable smartphone, it competes favorably with the top offerings from Samsung and Google, boasting a 6.43-inch screen on the outside and a 7.92-inch screen when unfolded.

With maximum brightness levels of 2,500 nits for the smaller screen and 1,600 nits for the larger, the Magic V2 RSR is perfectly suited for both watching media and getting work done in a variety of lighting conditions.

Among the flip-style smartphones we’ve evaluated, the Magic V2 RSR stands out for its slim profile—measuring just 9.9mm in thickness when closed.

Once unfolded, the thickness is an even more impressive 4.7mm. One aspect that caught our attention was the fluid motion of its titanium hinge and the level surface of the phone’s internal screen once extended.

Its performance is bolstered by the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, which ensures that whether you’re working, streaming content, or playing games on this Android 14-powered phone with AI enhancements, the experience is effortlessly smooth.

What are The Reviewed Awards at MWC 2024?

The Reviewed Awards at MWC 2024 are a set of recognitions given to the best mobile products showcased at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.
The awards highlight the most promising phones, tablets, laptops, and mobile accessories based on their design, technical specifications, and innovative features.

How many winners were selected for The Reviewed Awards at MWC 2024?

For MWC 2024, a total of 15 winners were selected to receive The Reviewed Awards.

Are the winning products tested before receiving The Reviewed Awards MWC 2024?

While the winners are initially selected based on their promise and exhibition at MWC, the team from Reviewed looks forward to putting each product through comprehensive testing in their lab during the year.

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