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Artificial intelligence or AI Short for Artificial Intelligence is a computer-specific behavior – let’s call all computers – to be able to simulate the human mind and its mental ability to solve problems that have not been programmed or written in advance.

In this former sense, we can conclude that there are computers that can simulate the human mind at full capacity, thinking, defining, reasoning, learning ability, and decision-making. This was simply artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence – in its conventional sense – is used in many fields now, but it is capable of solving the many problems that humans encounter across the globe. It has been introduced into medicine, engineering, and aviation, and is now foreshadowed by a fire or natural disaster in a country beyond the Mediterranean.

And not the birth of the moment or the 21st century, but it exists since the fifties of the last century even before the invention of the digital computer was a machine that simulates the process of thinking in human computation has succeeded significantly, research continued in the approach of artificial intelligence for a period of time until the great setback that delayed this tremendous progress In the computer field.

In 1965, e. a. Simon: “In twenty years, the machines will be able to do any work that can be done by man”

The 1974 setback When the US Congress pressed the government to finance more productive projects because they did not think artificial intelligence was useful, the computer was not so important today in human life. By 1985, Expert systems “(an artificial intelligence program that simulates human analytical skills).

Funding continued in artificial intelligence research until 1987 (another setback in artificial intelligence research and poor funding) In the late 1990s and early 21st century, funding began again but more than ever because computers entered many industries and their trade was worth billions of dollars Given the current and future importance that many technology companies have predicted at this time.

Today, the fruits of this research are in the form of a home computer, laptop, smart phone, high-definition networks, problem-solving capability with the help of machines, but is this really true about artificial intelligence technology? Is the computer capable of having an artificial mind that simulates the human mind or is it a big trick? If it was a trick, who would benefit from it ?! By the way, this is a big philosophical problem and not a personal opinion.

Point and the first line
Many people – including me – see it as a big media hype, where targeted media is in the interest of certain people.

We talk a bit logically, you have a smart phone, many of these phones have a smart personal assistant they talk about all the time – I have a Siri – this personal assistant they say in the media that it’s artificial intelligence and in every update for Siri you find a sentence Smarter) How can he be intelligent and he can not discover himself the link between several serial numbers such as 123 ?!

We will not deny that Siri is the focus of the IOS system. He knows almost everything and executes tasks very strongly, but all of these tasks are already written and programmed, such as tasks of communication, positioning, opening applications, viewing weather, determining numbers, solving mathematical and logical problems, This is all he does written in advance.

You will say that Siri is not the peak of progress in artificial intelligence research. You will also say that all personal assistance such as Microsoft’s Cortana and Google Assistant carry out pre-programmed tasks, let me ask you what is the top point in artificial intelligence ?! There is an answer everyone knows, Sophia, who has become a Saudi citizen in the past year. Most of us have seen this video in which she answers all the questions very well and knows everything about everything. She can even sing, tell jokes, move her lips and express feelings. “I responded positively.

If they are the top of artificial intelligence what they do they can not do personal aids like Cortana – let’s choose Cortana because they exist on a lot of computers?

If you’re working on Windows 10 run Cortana now and talk to her, tell her to sing to you and sing tell her you’re tired and Stoasik, ask her to specify dates, sites or stimuli, tell her to encourage the team in a country and will tell you all the news of this team, ask them to tell you The jokes will do.


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